• Miharu Ogura






    Pianist / Composer

  • Biography

    Pianist/composer Miharu Ogura was born in Tokyo/Japan in 1996. Concert tours and projects have already taken her to other European countries, such as Darmstädter Ferienkurse, ManiFeste (Paris), Royaumont, Klangspuren Schwaz (Innsbruck), Festival Mixtur (Barcelona), Monopiano Festival (Stockholm), etc. She has also spent an artistic residency at the Abbaye de Fontevraud in March 2019.


    In Japan, she has participated in many interesting projects. At the Hoktuopia International Music Festival in 2018, she performed "Mantra" by K. Stockhausen and "Structures II" by P. Boulez. In 2021 she gave a concert where she played all the piano pieces I-XI by Stockhausen. As a soloist, she has performed in prestigious concert halls such as Steinway & Sons Tokyo, Kioi-hall and Hamarikyu-Asahi Hall.


    Her first album "Ogura Plays Stockhausen" was released by Thanatosis produktion in 2023. Her second album featuring her own solo pieces was released in February 2024 through the same label.


    After winning 2nd prize at the 16th "Kyogaku" contemporary music competition in Japan in 2016, she received seven prizes including the "André Chevillon - Yvonne Bonnaud" prize at the 13th Orléans International Piano Competition in 2018. In 2023, she got the 2nd prize and the prize for the best performance of a work by Olivier Messiaen at the Olivier Messiaen International Competition. As a composer, she was also a finalist at the 81st Japan Music Competition in 2019, and received 2nd prize at the 5th Alfred Schnittke International Composition Competition in 2021. A impressive comeback was made in 2022 by winning again the "André Chevillon - Yvonne Bonnaud" prize at the 15th Orléans International Piano Competition, where she got a comission by France Musique as well.


    Her works have been performed at various venues by professional musicians such as Trio Estatico, Lviv Symphony Orchestra, Francesco Tristano, Duo Zöllner-Roche, and others. Additionally, she received composition commission from the Biennale di Venezia for the year 2024.


    She completed her Bachelor's degree at Toho Conservatory of Music, where she studied with Yumiko Meguri (piano) and Masahiro Ishijima (composition). Since 2019, she has been studying in the master program then in Konzertexamen with Florian Hoelscher at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts.







    日本では北とぴあ国際音楽祭参加公演「2台ピアノの新たな可能性~マントラをめぐって~」をはじめ、コンサートシリーズ~「ピアノのために書く」とは~、シュトックハウゼンピアノ曲I-XI全曲演奏会、新しい耳音楽祭など、ヨーロッパではManifeste音楽祭(パリ)、Klangspuren Schwaz(インスブルック)、Mixtur音楽祭(バルセロナ)、Monopiano音楽祭(ストックホルム)への出演など、国内外で積極的な演奏活動を行う。2019年3月フォントヴロー修道院レジデンスアーティスト。


    2023年にはスウェーデンのレーベルthanatosisより、シュトックハウゼンピアノ曲I-XIを収録した”Ogura Plays Stockhausen”をリリース、イギリスの音楽学術誌TEMPOにレビューが掲載されるなど高い評価を得る。同レーベルより自作自演を収録した”Ogura Plays Ogura”がリリース予定。


    自身が主宰する四重奏団Carton Jauneに加えて、ensemble handwerk、フランクフルト放送響、ヘッセン州立歌劇場、ウメオNorrlandsOperan劇場に客演するなど、室内楽・オーケストラの一員としても活動している。


    作品はTrio Estatico、Zöllner-Roche Duo、フランチェスコ・トリスターノ、ヨーナス・オルソンなどに演奏されている。また、ラジオ・フランスやヴェネツィア・ビエンナーレからの委嘱を予定されている。



  • Upcoming Concerts


    9th of May, 2024@Milan


    Festival Milano Musica
    Teatro alla Scala
    Sillage de lignes will be performed by Filippo Gorini


    21st of May, 2024@HfMDK Frankfurt


    shortcuts - Experiment und Begegnung

    Miharu Ogura : Étude sur le vide (2022)

    Pascal Dusapin : Slackline

    mit Philine Lembeck


    22nd of June, 2024@Paris


    As part of Ulysses Ensemble

    Michael Jarrell: La Chambre aux échos
    György Ligeti: Mysteries of the Macabre
    Simon Steen-Andersen: Chambered Music
    Feliz Anne Reyes Macahis: Diwata


    8th of July, 2024@HfMDK, Frankfurt


    Abschlussprüfung Teil 2

    Claude Debussy (1862-1918) :
    Étude 11 : Pour les arpèges composés
    aus Préludes livre 2
    IV. Les fées sont d'exquises danseuses
    XI. Les tierces alternés
    Helmut Lachenmann (1935*) : Serynade (1997-1998)
    Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992) : Cantéyodjayâ (1949)
    Miharu Ogura (1996*) : Nijimi (2023)


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    20th of July, 2024@Kanagawa


    紅葉坂プロジェクト おんがくが「ぬ」とであふとき
    broken image

    27th of July 2024@Kyoto


    ローム ミュージック ファンデーション スカラシップコンサート

    輝き〜音とともに〜 Vol.47


    共演:保崎 佑(ファゴット)

    ドビュッシー:前奏曲集 第2巻より IV.妖精たちはあでやかな舞姫、XI.交替する3度
    メシアン:前奏曲集より IV.過ぎ去った時、V.夢の中のかすかな音
    向井 響:「鳥の言葉」ファゴットとアンサンブルのための〈世界初演〉

    共演:大井 駿(指揮)/亀居優斗(クラリネット)/保崎 佑(ファゴット)/山本航司(サクソフォン)/千葉水晶(ヴァイオリン)


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    11th of August 2024@Tokyo


    ローム ミュージック ファンデーション スカラシップコンサート

    輝き〜音とともに〜 Vol.49

    リゲティ:ムジカ・リチェルカータより III, V, VII, VIII, IX, X


    3rd of October, 2024@Venezia


    Commision work for piano solo from Biennale di Venezia, performed by Chisato Taniguchi




    21st of January, 2025@Tokyo


    東京オペラシティ リサイタルシリーズ「B→C」松島理紗さんのために新曲を書かせていただきます。


  • Past Concerts


    30th of March, 2024@Tokyo

    2024年3月30日@B-tech Japan 東京スタジオ

    "Ogura Plays Ogura"リリース記念コンサート

    メシアン:カンテヨジャーヤ (1949)

    ラッヘンマン:セリナーデ (1997-98)

    小倉美春:滲み (2023)

    23rd of March, 2024@Kanagawa


    紅葉坂プロジェクト おんがくが「ぬ」とであふとき


    16th of March, 2024@Germany


    Private Concert with Tristan Roche and Masaki Krug

    Trio by Ferrenc, Dusapin, Brahms and my solo piece "Sillage de lignes"

    14th of March, 2024@S:t Pauluskyrkan, Stockholm



    Stockhausen : Klavierstück IX

    Messiaen : Cantéyodjayâ

    Ogura : Pas, Labyrinthe


    20th/21st of Februar, 2024@Tokyo


    向井響 作曲個展 美少女革命

    Hibiki Mukai : Tokyo Discrict 7

    17th of Februar, 2024@Frankfurt


    Coptic Light

    Frankfurt Radio Symphony

    Under the baton of Stefan Asbury

    12th of Februar, 2024@Frankfurt


    Berg : Kammerkonzert

    7th of December, 2023@Caligari, Wiesbaden


    Menschen am Sonntag Caligari, Wiesbaden

    with Uwe Dierksen, William Overcash and Nathan Watts

    4th of December, 2023@Frankfurt


    Public general rehearsal of Menschen am Sonntag, as a concert-series of ‘Offene Ohren’

    Haus der DEA, Dachsaal, Frankfurt

    12th of November, 2023@NorrlandsOperan, Umeå, Sweden


    Duo recital with Jonas Olsson

    Debussy: En blanc et noir

    Saunders : choler

    Messiaen : Visions de l'Amen

    Otcober-November, 2023@NorrlandsOperan, Umeå, Sweden


    John Adams : The Death of Klingfohher

    as part of NorrlansOperan under the baton of Jessica Cottis

    17th of September, 2023@Palmengarten Frankfurt



    Palmengartenkonzert with Tristan Roche and Masaki Krug

    Works by Beethoven, Rota and Farrenc

    13th of September, 2023@hr-Sendesaal, Frankfurt



    75 Jahre Jüdische Gemeinde Frankfurt as Frankfurt Radio Symphony


    1st of September, 2023@Kunstmuseum Villa Zanders, Bergisch Gladbach


    Solo Recital

    Mozart, Stockhausen, Schönberg, Brahms


    20th of August, 2023@Abbaye de Royaumont


     as Carton Jaune

    Messiaen : Quatuor pour la fin du temps

    Jia Yi Lee : world peremiere

    6th of August, 2023@Kioicho Salon Hall, Tokyo


     【河村絢音による現代ヴァイオリン作品研究シリーズ vol.1 ~ヴァイオリンとピアノ~】

    Lutoslawski : Subito

    Pascal Dusapin : Forma fluens


    3rd of August, 2023@B-tech Japan Tokyo Studio

    2023年8月3日@B-tech Japan 東京スタジオ

    XVIII 恐るべき塗油のまなざし
    XIX われは眠る、されど心は目覚め
    XX 愛の教会のまなざし
    Stockhausen : Klavierstücke I-IV
    Miharu Ogura : Nijimi for piano (2023, Japanese Premiere)
    Messiaen : from Vingt Regards sur l'Enfant-Jésus
    XVIII. Regard de l’Onction terrible
    XIX. Je dors, mais mon cœur veille
    XX. Regard de l’Église d’amour

    10th of June, 2023@Paulskirche Trier


    Gerhard Stäbler: MAGISCHE SPIELE. Version für 4 Klaviere, world peremiere

    Mabel Yu-ting Huang, Jana Luksts, Magdalena Cerezo, Miharu Ogura
    Bernd Bleffert Gerhard Stäbler, Kunsu Shim

    2nd of June, 2023@hr-Sendesaal


    Ritual Dances Forum N

    hr-Sinfonieorchester with Duncan Ward

    30th of April, 2023@Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt


    Performance at Neue Musik Nacht

    Stockhausen Klavierstücke XI

    29th of April, 2023@Konstmuseum, Norrköping


    Solo recital at Annan Musik

    Stockhausen Klavierstücke I-XI


    28th of April, 2023@Vasakyrkan, Göteborg


    Solo recital at Levande Musik

    Ustvolskaya Sonata 5&6, Stockhausen Klavierstücke IX-XI


    25th of April, 2023@Khimaira, Stockhlm


    Solo recital

    including world peremiere of my piece "Nijimi"


    11th of April, 2023@Mozart-Säle, Hamburg


    Debut Concert of our quartett Carton Jaune

    Work by Messiaen, Rabl


    24th of March, 2023@Gallus Theater, Frankfurt


    Lutoslawski : Two Etudes, Adagio from Piano Sonata


    March-April, 2023@Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden


    Piano part of "Oryx and Crake" by Søren Nils Eichberg

    26th of January, 2023@Holzhausenschlösschen, Frankfurt


    Konzertreihe "Voraushören"

    Bach : Suite Nr. 3 C-Dur BWV 1009, bearbeitet von Robert Schumann für Violoncello und Klavier

    Dusapin : Slackline

    Ogura : New piece

    Schnittke : Sonate für Violoncello und Klavier Nr. 1

    mit Philine Lembeck

    30th of September, 2022@Alte Feuerwache, Köln


    ensemble handwerk

    François Sarhan: Telegrams from the Nose (2011)

    François Sarhan: Neues Musiktheater (2022) UA



    4th of July, 2022@Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Frankfurt



    Stockhausen : Klavierstücke V, VII, VIII

    Schönberg : Fünf Klavierstücke Op.23

    Brahms : Vier Klavierstücke Op.119

    Stockhausen : Klavierstücke VI, IX

    1st of July, 2022@Maria Hilf Kirche, Frankfurt


    F°LAB Festival for Performing Arts

    Messiaen : Le courlis cendré from Catalogue d'oiseaux

    メシアン:鳥のカタログ 第13番ダイシャクシギ


    25th of June, 2022@B-tech Japan, Tokyo

    2022年6月25日@B-tech Japan東京スタジオ

    〜廻由美子プロデュース・シリーズ〜 新しい耳@ B-tech Japan vol.1 小倉美春ピアノソロ〜創作とは、演奏とは

    Boulez : Incises (version 2001)

    Messiaen : Le courlis cendré from Catalogue d'oiseaux

    Miharu Ogura : Sillage de lignes pour piano, Japanese premiere

    Schönberg : 5 Klavierstücke Op. 23

    Stockhausen : Klavierstück VI

    Ligeti : Etude 13 "L'escalier du diable"

    小倉美春:Sillage de lignes pour piano (第15回オルレアン国際ピアノコンクール「作曲賞」受賞曲、日本初演)
    アーノルド・シェーンベルク:5つのピアノ曲 Op.23

    4th of Februar, 2022@Sassari, Italy


    Ensemble XiEMA

    G. Benjamin : Octet

    C. Panai : Relativity II

    M. Carta : A Cold Dead Body

    M. Gualandi : Danza lenta (di vento e nuvole)


    12th of November, 2021@Tokyo




    Lucifer for soprano, violin and piano (2021)

    Pas pour piano , Labyrinthe pour piano (2018)

    “Call” for prayers, monodrama by two players(2021) A work commissioned by Tessera Music Festival


    24th of October, 2021@Stockholm



     Stockhausen : Klavierstücke I-XI

    Thank you for the review

    22nd of October, 2021@Bielefeld



    with Uwe Dierksen, William Overcash, Nathan Watts

    2nd of October, 2021@Bercelona


    Ensemble ULYSSES 2021-Festival Mixtur

    Beat Furrer : Linea dell’orizzonte (2012), Still (1998) 

    José Río-Pareja : Nómada S5 (2021)

    Jonathan Harvey : Wheel of Emptiness (1997)

    conducted by Beat Furrer

    27th of June, 2021@Royaumont


    Ensemble ULYSSES 2021

    Feliz Anne Reyes Macahis : diwata

    Raphaël Cendo : Action Painting

    I. Xenakis : Thalleïn

    19th of June, 2021@CENTQUATRE-PARIS


    Ensemble ULYSSES / Concert ManiFeste-2021

    Raphaël Cendo : Introduction aux Ténèbres

    Gérard Grisey : Partiels

    Feliz Anne Reyes Macahis : diwata


    14th March, 2021@Tokyo Concerts Lab.



    Stockhausen : Klavierstücke I-XI



    26th December, 2020@Tokyo Concerts Lab.


    小倉美春コンサートシリーズ 〜「ピアノのために書く」とは〜

    vol. 2 ハインツ・ホリガー『パルティータ』をめぐって

    ウィリアム・ブランク / William Blank (1957-) :

    Lightnings (2014)

    クリストフ・デルツ / Christoph Delz (1950-1993) :

    Sils Op.1 (1975)

    ミカエル・ジャレル / Michel Jarrell (1958-) :

    …mais les images restent… (2003)

    ヨハン・セバスチャン・バッハ / J. S. Bach (1685-1750) :

    Partita 4 BWV 828

    小倉美春 / Miharu Ogura (1996-):


    ハインツ・ホリガー / Heinz Holliger (1939-) :

    Partita for piano (1999)


    13th December, 2020@Tokyo Concerts Lab.



    Miharu Ogura : Credo for soprano and string quartet

    小倉美春:Credo ソプラノと弦楽四重奏のための

    performed by Haruka Okazaki, Hikaru Tanabe and Quartet Integra

    岡崎陽香(ソプラノ)田邉 皓(指揮)クァルテット・インテグラ

    15th September, 2020@Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst


    Shortcuts – Experiment und Begegnung

    Marco Stroppa : Traiettoria per pianoforte e suoni generati dal computer (1982-1984) 
    Traiettoria... Deviata 
    Miniature estrose per pianoforte d'amore - Primo Libro (1991-2003, Rev.2009)

    18th January, 2020@Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst


    Feldman : The Viola in My Life II

    Boulez : Derive 1

    Rihm : Chiffre 2

    7th August, 2019 @Musa Kawasaki Symphony Hall

    2019年8月7日 @ミューザ川崎シンフォニーホール4階市民交流室

    Ligeti : Etude 3 "Touches bloquées" Etude 8 "Fem"


    Haydn : Sonate Hob.XVI:19 1 mov.

    ハイドン:ソナタHob.XVI:19 第1楽章

    Ligeti : Etude 2 "Cordes à vide"


    Haydn : Sonate Hob.XVI:19 2 mov.

    ハイドン:ソナタHob.XVI:19 第2楽章

    Ligeti : Etude 6 "Automne à Varsovie" Etude 13 "L'escalier du diable"


    Haydn : Sonate Hob.XVI:19 3 mov.

    ハイドン:ソナタHob.XVI:19 第3楽章


    29th July, 2019 @Steinway&Sons Tokyo

    2019年7月29日 @スタインウェイ&サンズ東京

    Ligeti : Etude 2 "Cordes à Vide" Etude 3 "Touches bloquées" Etude 13 "L'escalier du diable"


    Beethoven : Sonate Nr. 29 "Grosse Sonate für das Hammer-klavier" B-dur Op. 106 1 mov.

    ベートーヴェン:ピアノ・ソナタ 第29番 変ロ長調 「ハンマークラヴィーア」 op. 106 第1楽章

    Stockhausen : Klavierstück XI


    Miharu Ogura : Pas pour piano, Labyrinthe pour piano

    小倉美春:Pas pour piano, Labyrinthe pour piano

    15th June, 2019 @Tokyo Opera City

    2019年6月15日 @東京オペラシティリサイタルホール

    Miharu Ogura : Un autre chant pour viola et harpe (2019)

    performed by Itsuki Yamamoto and Hanako Obata


    11th June, 2019 @Tokyo

    2019年6月11日 @調布・くすのきホール

    Boulez : Structure II


    with Tomohiro Suzuki


    6th June, 2019 @Tokyo

    2019年6月6日 @カワイ表参道 コンサートサロン 「パウゼ」

    Stockhausen : Klavierstück X


    3rd June, 2019 @Tokyo

    2019年6月3日 @豊洲シビックセンターホール

    Michio Mamiya : Piano Trio (1977)

    間宮芳生:ピアノトリオ (1977)

    with Yuya Mishima, Naoka Shimbo


    21st April, 2019 @Kioi Hall

    2019年4月21日 @紀尾井ホール

    Miharu Ogura : Pas pour piano, Labyrinthe pour piano

    小倉美春 : Pas pour piano, Labyrinthe pour piano


    23rd Match, 2019 @Auditorium, Abbaye de Fontevraud, France

    2019年3月23日 @フランス、フォントブロー修道院

    Ligeti : étude 6 « Automne à Varsovie »

    リゲティ:練習曲第6番 "ワルシャワの秋"
    Debussy : étude N°11 « Pour les arpèges composées »

    ドビュッシー:練習曲第11番 "組み合わされたアルペジオのための"
    Stockhausen : Klavierstück V, 1953

    Bach : suite française 4

    Dutilleux : 3 préludes

    Dutilleux : « Petit air à dormir debout »

    9th Match, 2019 @Asahi Hall, Tokyo

    2019年3月9日 @浜離宮朝日ホール

    Beethoven : Sonate Nr. 29 "Grosse Sonate für das Hammer-klavier" B-dur Op. 106 1 mov.

    ベートーヴェン:ピアノ・ソナタ 第29番 変ロ長調 「ハンマークラヴィーア」 op. 106 第1楽章

    15th December, 2018 @Royaumont, France

    2018年12月15日 @フランス

    H. Parra : Au coeur de l'oblique

    14th December, 2018 @Royaumont, France


    Hibiki Mukai : Love After Love for piano, world premiere

    27th November, 2018 @St. Charles Hall, Lucerne


    C. Delz : Sils Op.1

    K. Stockhausen : Klavierstück XIV

    9th November, 2018 @Tsutsuzi-Hall, Hokutopia, Tokyo

    2018年11月9日 @北とぴあつつじホール

    M. Ravel : Miroirs


    M. Ogura : Labyrinthe pour piano

    小倉美春:Labyrinthe pour piano




    Jazz Tokyo様


    30th August, 2018 @Steinway & Sons Tokyo, Tokyo

    2018年8月30日 @スタインウェイ&サンズ東京エントランス

    M. Ravel : Miroirs


    M. Ogura : Labyrinthe pour piano

    小倉美春:Labyrinthe pour piano

    27th July, 2018 @OS@Piano Class, Darmstadt

    2018年7月27日 @ダルムシュタット

    H. Holliger : Partita for piano


    K. Stockhausen : Klavierstück X


    8th June, 2018 @Lyceum Club Internazionale di Firenze

    2018年6月8日 @フィレンツェ

    F. Donatoni : Third series from Françoises variationen for piano

    M. Ravel : Miroirs

    H. Parra : Au coeur de l’oblique for piano (Italian premiere)

    photo credit : Davide Santi

    7th June, 2018 @Contemporary Music Hub - Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano

    2018年6月7日 @ミラノ

    F. Donatoni : Third series from Françoises variationen for piano

    C. Debussy : Six épigraphes antiques for four hands piano

    F. Donatoni : Arpège for ensemble

    H. Parra : Au coeur de l’oblique for piano

    with mdi ensemble and Yoichi Sugiyama

    共演:mdi ensemble、杉山洋一

    photo credit : Pino Montisci

    26th March , 2018 @Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord, Paris

    2018年3月26日 @パリ

    H. Holliger : Partita : III. Barcarola

    ホリガー:パルティータより III. 舟歌
    I. Fedele : Études australes : III. Cape Horn

    フェデーレ:南のエチュードより III. ホーン岬

    7th January, 2016 @Suginamikoukaidou, Tokyo

    2016年1月7日 @杉並公会堂小ホール

    D. Scarlatti : Sonata No.5 K.91

    スカルラッティ:ヴァイオリンソナタ第5番 ト長調

    I. Stravinsky : Duo Concertant


    A. Honegger : Première Sonate


    Masahiro ISHIJIMA : SOLUS for violin solo

    石島正博:SOLUS -孤歌- ヴァイオリンのための

    K. Stockhausen : Klavierstück IX


    L. V. Beethoven : Sonata Op.12 No.3

    ベートーヴェン:ヴァイオリンソナタ第3番 変ホ長調

    with Aya Kono


  • Contemporary Repertory List

    *=world premiere

    Solo pieces

    A. Beglaryan : "reduct" (2019)*

    Meet and Greet (2021)*

    A. Berg : Sonata (1908)

    W. Blank : Lightnings (2014)

    P. Boulez : Incise (1994/2001)

    C. Delz : Sils Op.1 (1976)

    E. Denisov: Signes en blanc (1974)

    Pour Daniele

    F. Donatoni: 3rd series from Françoise Variationen (1983~96)

    H. Dutilleux : 3 préludes (1973)

    I. Fedele : Etudes australes 3. Cape Horn (1990~2003)

    H. Holliger : Partita for piano (1999)

    Masahiro Ishijima : REQUIEM (2011)

    Michel Jarrell : …mais les images restent… (2003)

    Damjan Jovicin : Derivation/Mati (2018)*

    Dasom Kim : eun-pa 0.5 (2022)*

    H. Lachenmann : Serynade (1997~98)

    Lei Liang : My Windows (2007)

    G. Ligeti: Etudes No. 2, 3, 6, 9, 13 (1985~2001)

    B. Mantovani : Dédale (2009)

    O. Messiaen : 20 regards sur l’Enfant-Jésus No. 13, 15, 20 (1944)

    L’Alouette Calandrelle (1956~58)

    4 études de rythme No. 3 “Neumes rythmiques” (1949~50)

    Cantéyodjayà (1949)

    Hibiki Mukai : "We're nowhere else but here" for piano and electronics (2017)*

    Love after Love (2018)*

    Piano Concerto(2020) *

    Miharu Ogura : Labyrinthe pour piano (2018)*

    Feu improvisé (2017)*

    Pas pour piano (2019)*

    Nijimi for piano (2023)*

    M. Ohana : 24 Préludes No. 7, 8 (1973)

    H. Parra : Au coeur de l’oblique (2017)

    Yumi Saiki : JOY for piano (2014)

    L. Saunders : Shadow (2013)

    A. Schoenberg : 5 Pieces Op. 23 (1920)

    Suite Op.25 (1921~23)

    K. Stockhausen : Klavierstück No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14 (1952-84)

    M. Stroppa : Traiettoria...deviata, Dialoghi from Traiettoria (1982-1984)

    Moai from Miniature estrose (1991-2003, rev.2009)

    Hikaru Tanabe : Dots (2016)*

    A. Webern : Variationen (1936)

    Ensemble pieces

    G. Benjamin : Octet (1978)

    P. Boulez : Derive 1 (1984)

    P. Boulez : Structures II (1961)

    R. Cendo : Introduction aux ténèbres (2009)

    Action Painting (2004-2005)

    F. Donatoni : Arpège (1986)

    P. Dusapin : Slackline (2015)

    Forma Fluens (2018)

    Trio Rombach (1998)

    M. Feldman : The Viola in My Life II (1970)

    B. Furrer : linea dell'orizzonte (2012)

    still (1998)

    Ayaka Gokan : Pianist choreograph for dance (2020)*

    Haruko Hagihara : Liquid (2017)*

    Yuki Hamajima : Double Images ~for Erhu and Piano~ (2016)*

    J. Harvey : Wheel of Emptiness (1997)

    A. Hölszky : Tragödia (Der unsichtbare Raum) (1996-97)

    Masahiro Ishijima : SORA (2018)*

    Feliz Anne Macahis : Diwata (2021)*

    O. Messiaen : Vision de l'Amen (1943)

    Quatuor pour la fin du temps (1940-41)

    Michio Mamiya : Piano Trio (1977)

    So Minami : 2つの余禄の心得 (2005-06)

    Yusuke Moriya : Meander (2017)*

    Hibiki Mukai : Safah Bariton and 5 instruments (2015)

    Phantom-Limb Ⅱ for violin and piano (2016)*

    micro / Love / real / Love for piano trio (2017)*


    José Río-Pareja : Nómada S5 (2021)

    R. Saunders : choler (2004)

    A. Schönberg : Pierrot Lunaire (1912)

    Hans Thomalla: Harmoniemusik I (2018-2019)

    W. Rihm : Chiffre 2 (1983)

    L. Ronchetti : Opus 100 (2005)

    K. Stockhausen : Mantra (1970)

    J. Yuasa : A winter day (1981)

    I. Xenakis : Thalleïn (1984)

  •  Works - composition


    Nijimi for piano (2023)

    premiered on 25th April 2023, Khimaira, Stockholm, Miharu Ogura

    performed on 3rd August 2023, Tokyo, Miharu Ogura

    performed on 30th March 2024, Tokyo, Miharu Ogura


    Sillage de lignes pour piano (2022)

    premiered on 5th April 2022, Salle de l’Institut, Orléans Conservatory, France, Chisato Taniguchi

    performed on 25th June 2022, Tokyo, Miharu Ogura

    performed on 16th March 2024, Germany, Miharu Ogura

    will be performed on 9th May 2024, Milan,  Filippo Gorini


    Pas for piano (2018)

    premiered on 29th January 2019, Kusunoki-Hall, Tokyo, Miharu Ogura


    Labyrinthe for piano (2018)

    premiered on 11th March 2018, Salle de l’Institut, Orléans Conservatory, France, Miharu Ogura

    performed on 10th April, 2019 @Sound Spaces festival in Malmö, Jonas Olsson

    performed on 8th of June, 2023@Gamle Raadhus Scene, Oslo, Jonas Olsson


    Issetsu for flute and electronics (2017)

    premiered on 31st October 2017, Toho Gakuen Music College, Tokyo, Shizuha Kuroda


    Qui bouge dans la nuit? for piano and electronics (2017)

    premiered on 25th Februar 2017, Toho Gakuen Music College, Tokyo, Risako Watanabe


    ・Jet for double bass and electronics (2016)

    premiered on 11th October 2016, Toho Gakuen Music College, Tokyo, Ryo Kato

    Chamber Music

    Exosomes pour trombone et percussions (2023)

    comissioned by Radio France

    recorded on 7th of March 2024, Radio France, Jon Roskilly and Sho Kubota


    ・Larmes pour violon et piano (2023)

    comissioned by Ayane Kawamura

    premiered on 6th August 2023, Kioicho Salon Hall Tokyo, Ayane Kawamura and Miharu Ogura


    Drei Gesten für Violine und Bratsche Reflexion über Kinderszenen von R. Schumann (2023)

    premiered on 22nd of December 2023, Frankfurt, by Duo Mia


    ・Étude sur le vide pour violoncelle et piano (2022)

    premiered on 26th January 2023, Frankfurt Holzhausenschlösschen, Philine Lembeck and Miharu Ogura

    will be performed on 21st May 2024, Frankfurt HfMDK


    Zerfließen... für Klarinette und Akkordeon (2022)

    premiered on 31st January 2023, Montabaur, Zöllner-Roche-Duo (Eva Zöllner, Heather Roche)

    performed on 16th of June 2023, St. Paulus Hall University of Huddersfield

    performed on 6th of October 2023. Lola Culture Center, Belgrade, Serbia

    will be performed on 20th July 2024, Kanagawa, Tomomi Ota and Takahiro Katayama


    KOE for viola trio (2021)

    published online on 1st January 2022, Trio Ecstatico (Megumi Kasakawa, John Stulz, Paul Beckett) 

    performed on 13th of November, 2022@Moyzes Hall, Bratislava


    ・HITOGATA for violin and violoncello (2021)

    premiered on 28th of March 2024, Kanagawa, Japan, Maiko Matusoka and Kei Yamazawa


    Un autre chant for harp and viola (2018-19)

    premiered on 15th June 2019, Tokyo Opera City, Tokyo, Itsuki Yamamoto, Hanako Obata


    Kan for three pianos (2017-18)

    premiered on 21st March 2021, B-tech Japan, Tokyo, Yumiko Meguri, Miharu Ogura, Takuya Otaki


    ・Mémoire fondu for harp and trumpet (2017)


    ・Réflexion géométrique for piano and percussion (2016-17)


    Yuragi for double string quartet (2016)

    premiered on 17th June 2016, Tokyo Opera City, Tokyo, Fuga Miwatashi, Rina Miyagawa, Kana Ide, Naoka Shinbo, Chihiro Kitada, Chisato Wakasugi, Itsuki Yamamoto, Urara Katsuki, Hikaru Tanabe


    ・nu.I 「ぬ」についての考察 I (2023)

    for soprano, alto, tenor, clarinet in B flat, viola, trombone

    will be premiered on 20th of July 2024, Kanagwa


    ・CALL for soprano, piano and electronics (2021)

    commissioned by Tessera Festival

    premiered on 12th November, Salon Tessera, Noriko Yakushiji, Miharu Ogura


    ・Lucifer for soprano, violin and piano (2021)

    premiered on 18th June 2021, Tokyo Opera City, Haruka Okazaki, Chihiro Kitada, Yuki Amako

    performed on 12th November 2021, Salon Tessera, Noriko Yakushiji, Maiko Matsuoka, Miharu Ogura


    p( )ay for piano and soprano (2020)

    published online on 7th July, Takuya Otaki, Noriko Yakushiji


    ・Agnus Dei for mezzo soprano (2020)


    Credo for soprano and string quartet (2019)

    premiered on 19th November 2020, Tokyo Opera City, Haruka Okazaki, Michio Yoshimura, Sakura Segawa, Ayako Tahara, Satomi Muramatsu, Hikaru Tanabe

    performed on 13th December 2020, Tokyo Concerts Lab., Haruka Okazaki, Kyoka Misawa, Rintaro Kikuno, Itsuki Yamamoto, Anri Tsukiji, Hikaru Tanabe


    ・Mallow Blue / with words of flowers for soprano and 4 hands (2019)

    premiered on 5th March 2019, Toho Gakuen Music College, Tokyo, Sayaka Kurata, Ayano Yamamoto, Saki Takahashi


    Pierrot’s eyes for violoncello and string orchestra (2021)

    premiered on 1st April 2021, Lviv


    ・enflammé for piano and orchestra (2020)


    ・Eruption géométrique for orchestra (2018-19)


    Feu improvisé for piano, percussion and string orchestra (2017)

    premiered on 12th October 2017, Kusunoki-Hall, Tokyo, Miharu Ogura, Hikaru Tanabe, Toho Gakuen Orchestra


    ・Concerto pour clavier en sol mineur BWV 1058, cadence (2022)

    premired on 30th September 2022, Lens, Bach Stage par l’ensemble Bach Stage dirigé par Léo Margue avec Francesco Tristano

    performed on 16th December 2022, Avignon

    performed on 18th December 2022, Paris

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